Day 294: The Superbowl in Miami!

After eating New Orleans' famous Bignets (very healthy powdered sugar churro-like fried things) at Cafe du Monde this morning, friend Adam Clark drove me and Amalia to the Big Easy's airport. And although I (Claire) did fly to Miami, I did not do so as a result of SuperBowl longings. No, the intense sports fan that was me was unaware that the SuperBowl was happening until about 4 pm, when I called a work person I have not spoken with live since we were on a train together in Slovakia two years ago. It seemed a great time to catch up, to me.

"Is this a good time to talk?" I asked during my layover in Houston.

"No." He responded, but in a nicer way, and then told me about the SuperBowl. Which is like a holiday to some people, which I should know. It was actually on the airport screen in front of me also, so when I hung up I put two and two (my new knowledge and the attendent reality) together and then watched it for thirty seconds. Luckily, it was a commercial, so I got an interesting peak into something that actually entertained me.

Specifically: David Letterman and Oprah were doing a commercial together in which they act friendly on a couch. Although I may not know who is playing in the SuperBowl, I know me a celebrity gossip item, and so recognized the monumental coming together of David Letterman and Oprah for the incredibleness that it was. After all, it was only one short year ago that she appeared on The Tonight Show to end their long-standing feud about nothing that had truly rocked the entertainment industry.

But afer that, I flew first class tonight for the first time ever, which involved Heineken and a shrimp cocktail. It happened because I have accrued enough miles to take open seats in first class when no one is in them. Apparently I have had this capability for 13 months now, but I misunderstood how it worked, even though I printed out the PDF file with the rules. It turns out that The SkyTeam Alliance does not inform you when there are seats - you must ask. And there are usually always seats. Thinking of how many wasted almost first class trips I have had makes me want to sob, loudly.

To round out the whole SuperBowl day, when I landed in Miami and sister Court picked me up, I learned that the SuperBowl actually took place in this fine city today. Which was interesting.


SavvySunshine said...

HEy, you're in my 'hood!

Lara said...

Woohoo. Aren't bignets the best. I was at Cafe du Monde last year around this time with my good friends Andria and Sylvia (who is an avid reader of yours btw).

It's kinda weird thinking that people all over the world (or at least this country) travel to the same places and do the same things that I've done/did/do.

Hope you had a great time in the Big Easy. Is life back to normal there?

SavvySunshine said...

So, let's hope y'all get this.

It's very prescient (big GRE word, hopefully spelled right) that you are in my hood, because Friday night I dreamt about y'all. I wasn't gonna tell y'all as that would put me in psycho stalker territory real quicklike, but now, I see it was foreshadowing. Aaaaah.

Yeah,OK. Not a stalker, promise.

Hope you're enjoying the lovely weather down here. At least it stopped raining! If you are still in town this weekend, there's a World festival closer to my 'hood, if you and your sis would like to go.

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