Day 318: How We Decided to Travel the World in 11 minutes

by Claire,

It took 11 minutes and 4 emails to decided we were going to travel the world. This is the very short email saga of how Lara and I made the weighty decision. We have oftened referenced how little thought went into a decision that has determined the course of our lives for several years now. This email exchange, which I found yesterday, proves the true depth of that statement.

Background: In April of 2005, Lara and I went to South Africa for a month as a response to some major changes in both of our recent lives. Right when we got back, I went on a trip that had been scheduled for a long time to China with my mother and sister. One day, it was unbearably hot and I stayed in the hotel lobby while my mom and sister when site-seeing. Then, I wrote Lara this email :

Email 1

Jun 2, 2005 10:11 PM (time reflects time in CA, as per my gmail settings)


i have had a brainstorm about our lives that i believe you should consider. it involves taking a hold of this time that we will NEVER have again when we get serious relationships and med school and grad school on track and actually traveling the world. and i think you might be just the person to join me on this crazy life adventure.

i want to write, as you know, and this is incorp'ed in this - and then i have this other idea about the traveling. would you consider? i was really intrigued by what good travel partners we were and have been trying to think of if there is something crazy we could do right now - you know? i know you have also always had that far - off "one day i'll do the long trip around the world." i'm not sure how the situation with your med. classes is going - what about at the turn of the semester or something in the winter? like then we would have time to plan and you would have a chunk of time in san francisco and with me in argentina.

i have had this like really really high energy sense of needing to tell you this since i began thinking of it - and have been trying to put it off because it seems so crazy - but then i think that maybe there isn't that much more to think about in it and like it might be one of the most spontaneous and weirdest things we have ever done and can look back on in twenty years.

tell me your thoughts: because i want to go be an extra in bollywood and take the transiberian and discover that your twenties happen the world over. and i feel that this could not only be an awesome time for our individual lives but also a crazy thing to try for our careers.

wait im really excited. basically because i never thought that i could
actually DO something like this - and now i see clearly that with our jobs we could. like work til january and then seriously take the trip. dude i'm hella nervous you're going to have some answer that references real world issues like school. write me. consider it please. i am very flexible to different options. but i think this could maybe be THE THING.

Email 2

Jun 2, 2005 10:19 PM
Subject: re: LARA – LIFE IDEA

real world issues? I have issues, but none of that variety.

claire...I say we get planning it now. I'm broke and will be after living in SF, but I will work my ass off toward this. i'm renting an apartment with people, but if we plan enough in advance, I could EASILY find a replacement post-january or whatever. I too am totally down for this. seirously. I even freak people out because I'm still on such a high from our trip.

muahahahahaha....let's go.

bring it.

my one concern is that we really really need to plan this or it will be a waste of time and money. seriously. in order for this to be vaguely less crazy, we need to have a concrete outline...

Email 3

Jun 2, 2005 10:21 PM
Subject: re: LARA – LIFE IDEA

quick: make use of visiting people in places we know. this is my one brainstorm. and lots of time in cheap places. or just visiting people we know some?

Email 4

Jun 2, 2005 10:22 PM
Subject: re: LARA – LIFE IDEA

fine by me. let's do are good at planning when not involved in life crises

Needless to say, Lara's only real issue early on was planning. We didn't really do that, but, you know.

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