Day 319: Learning about Love on Location

So, as you read in the previous post, Claire and I can decide to travel the world in 11 minutes, but some decisions are much harder. Like who you marry, for instance. There are good reasons people have turned this important decision into a science, and have begun using every tool at their disposal. As I have grown up, I too have learned important things about this process, particularly from Claire. For example: it is good to have things in common—life opinions, lifestyles, ideas about house temperature (true fact!)—you should like each other, want to live in the same place sometimes…things like that. But it took work by my friend Bess and her colleague Dave to show me how little I’ve been utilizing the opportunities available to me. My strategy of meeting people I come into contact with in school or on the subway is too random: I need to focus my efforts. And I have learned from Bess and Dave’s informative videos:

As the man who runs a related luxury site,, proclaims “Obviously, I realize I’m not saving Darfur here. But we are giving people what they want in the dating world.” Which is hard enough in my opinion. Read the rest of this fabulous journalistic piece HERE.

Happily, it is not only my old old friend Bess who has had recent internet success. Take our internet-based friend Adam, for instance. After eight months of IM fun, we finally met Adam one night in San Francisco over more real Mexican food than I’d had in months. Adam had become a daily fixture in our lives over the magic of the internet, but we really didn’t know anything about him at all, and were of course glad that both of us could go to meet the potential serial killer that he did not turn out to be.

He has proven to be a lifesaver in the land of HTML and stupid questions about how to install programs etc. In his spare time from helping us with videos and various web problems, he has also somehow managed to get a website running.

Claire and I have watched this little site grow from when it was but a pup, if Claire's lucky she'll get to write for it one day, and when we return to the States, we fully intend to use it. It is based on the premise that most of the trips you take are short ones, close to home, within 71 miles to be exact. Currently up is the Northern California edition…so go! Explore the little gems in Northern California! Check it out!

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