Day 323: Grown Ups

by claire,

Today, we're talking about being grown up. We are so grown up, in fact, that our friends can have children. Here are Heather and Paul and their brand new baby Desmond. A few years ago Heather and I met when we each were living in Mexico; these days, I am proud to have a friend who can look like a supermodel within a week of giving birth.

But back to other grownups: me and Lara. This morning, on my way to San Francisco's Cathedral School for Boys, Lara was laughing at me via cell phone. The reason, specifically, was that she thought it was "really funny" that I was "giving an assembly." To be fair, I was not giving an assembly, but merely talking at one about Hope Runs.

Since I am apparently bad at giving assemblys, there were some rough spots. Like when I asked the general audience who drank tea. A fair number of the boys raised their hand, which I was surprised by. So I took that opportunity to tell them about the fact that at Tumaini Children's Center, the orphans have afternoon tea, which I believed to be a truly fascinating cultural fact. Then, to top everything off, I told them that the kids at Tumaini also have shaved heads, even the girls, which I also apparently found fascinating. It was not exactly an academic moment.

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