Day 324: Coffee Machines, Scales, and Clothes I Hate...Packing for Kenya

Well, I am entirely without creativity because I am actually packing this morning. Which drains my soul. I get all manic and get a lot done, then I get fatigued and start doing less productive things like writing blog posts.

In case anyone was wondering, this is what I do before I leave for Kenya for four months

1. wake up
2.hit snooze 3 times
3. get a text message from a friend calling me “sweatheart"
4. check email
5. make coffee
6. answer emails, including lame editing work questions that enrage me.
7. read long Claire-sent articles on the real housewives of Orange County
8. upload Kenya pictures for future use when our internet blows
9. research Nairobi hotels, then decide I don’t care if the one I am currently booked at costs more--it’s settled and that alone is worth a lot of money to me.
10. drink more coffee
11. go to barn for tax information from 2004 since it’s the most recent one I can find
12. Research audit frequency
13. Feel threatened/comforted
14. Finish my taxes
15. Try to send text messages complaining about taxes…realize phone is disconnected and get on the phone with Verizon
16. wait on hold
17. back to the barn for camera software
18. gather garbage bags of books from around my house and try to stuff them in a duffel bag
19. weigh myself
20. weigh myself with the bag o’ books and realize they are too heavy
21. curse a lot
22. coffee
23. contemplate the nature of addiction
24. pack coffee maker
25. head back to barn to find ugly clothes I did not ruin last time around to take to Kenya
26. come back to the house, search for more toiletry bags because Claire’s enthusiasm for toiletries is apparently contagious and I have more now than I did when I left for 8 months
27. go running
28. pick up father at airport from Dubai (and/or delegate mother to this task)
29. go to Marathon Sports to pick up 8 pairs of orphan-directed sneakers. Go home. (ditto on the delegation)
30. stuff crap in bags; refuse to weigh them and decide to rely on my feminine, though sweatpant-clad, wiles to convince the (hopefully nice person) at AA to waive my oversize bag fee
31. put everything left in my room in boxes since my parents are moving
32. look up flight time, realize it is earlier than expected, and start throwing shit in the car
33. go go go!!!!

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Pepperloin said...

What is this blog about? Travelling the world?

Have you been to Omaha, NE? It's a lot like Uganda. See if you can make it there.

Be safe!


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