Day 330: Internetting

by claire a. williams,

This morning, with the perfect weather and the little bright kitchen on our apartment that looks out onto the courtyard of the Tumaini Children’s Center, Lara declared that she and I had once again found a perfect little bubble to hang out in. It must be noted though that the bubble of Tumaini is different than past bubbles we have been in, in that we have to boil our own milk and our first day of marathon training with the older children begins tomorrow at, yes, 5 am .

The fact that dawn does not arise in our region until precisely 6.20 am is a mere side note to the disappointment we had when dear James, the 18 year old leader of the older kids who want to run, told us that that would be the best time to train during the weekdays given that the older kids go to school at 7 am for 10 hours and then have study hall and supper and tea and such when they get home. The littler ones, though, have found time to train in the afternoon when one can actually see where one is running.

But the biggest drama of our first week back in Kenya , as expected, is the fight to get online. However, there is a dramatic difference in 2007 than in the 2006 travels, as one of our blog tech gurus for TrippingOnWords, Jonathan, is actually on site with us at the orphanage. Lara, on hold with with written directions from Jonathan (who was dealing with another internet issue in the kids computer room) made the astute observation that were Jonathan not here, we would not even be able to email him to ask for help. Which would, in effect, completely paralyze us.

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