Day 328: Orphanage Ho!

Off We Go!!!

Claire arrived safely last night, and we are now OFF to our orphanage!

Or we will be after another half an hour of horrifically spastic packing. Claire has had too many cups of coffee (to everyone’s detriment) and no one has slept because we all kept each other up talking about gender roles until nearly 5 AM.

But after waking up this morning realizing that we have no idea how we are getting to the orphanage, Claire had a conversation with our second driver named Francis about what Mrs. Karaoke had told him and so he is on his way. Of course, we did not know check out time and so I am writing this from outside while we wait as they clean our rooms for the next people.

Jonathan has been a huge help, and we had a great time meeting his friend Eliza last night. Jonathan has also been a constant source of musical entertainment, what with the huge iTunes library, and the drum beat he bangs out on any surface available. But he is a legit musician as well…as his kick-ass review in Paste magazine proves. (read more about it at his BLOG)
So off we go...we do not know about the internet situation at the orphanage yet, as we are relying on cell-phone, modem type access...but we have Jonathan as IT support so things should be okay.

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