Day 413: The President

by Claire A. Williams


Today was a regular day.


When Lara woke up, she was handed some sad health news about a child here. When I woke up, I learned that I had "volunteered" (no, no, and no) to give a talk about the internet to a women's training session.


But it did not really become morning until the day's first useless, incomprehensible interaction with the Monsters began.  Things quickly got political.


Rhoda: Your present is nini?


Lara: What Rhoda?


Rhoda: The Kibaki of your country is nini?


Lara: President! Oh. PRESIDENT! Oh! George W.


Rhoda: Blank Stare


Mary: My brother is George W.


Lara: What?


It continued to go on like this, in a useless and confused fashion, until we had to attend to other matters.


Specifically, a number of volunteers are leaving tomorrow, including Little Tony. Renee, who we have begun to refer to simply as The Burn, is back from 8 days at the guest house of recovering, and is now settled into the next stage of healing at the ever quiet and peaceful orphanage. A nice blog reader emailed saying that in lieu of gifts for his one year old's birthday party, he's going to collect socks for the kids at Tumaini. And finally, my medical school entering cousin is giving the speech at her college graduation at the Unversity of Oregon!







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