Day 415: Confessions and Addictions

By lara,


Today was very un-Kenyan. I ate Skippy peanut butter. I had ice cream for the second time in 3 months (this is basically my favorite food, hence the day by day tally). I slept in. I took a hot shower.


I watched 7 hours of LOST…


This is exactly the type of thing that one never wants to admit, but I feel acknowledgement is the first stage of recovery. Because I realize this may be becoming an addiction.


I thought Claire was insane, and maybe it’s just Kenya getting to my brain, but the show really is pretty darn good.


Though, I will admit that Claire and I are perhaps not the most reliable critics currently. We have been wandering around the house bumping into each other, drinking lots of water, eating non stop and sleeping at all hours of the day. We do occasionally have to care for the burn victim, but mostly she just entertains us and provides excuses to stop pretending to work. I think we are on orphanage adrenalin detox.


It’s kind of pathetic really.


But I have chosen to chalk the day up to spiritual rejuvenation rather than just brain drain. Amazing how much these condensed doses of American entertainment really do help me get back to life in Kenya.


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Radioactive Jam said...

Hmm. Google returns a couple hundred search hits for 'Orphanage adrenaline detox' as separate words, but none for the exact phrase.

Pity. Seems like a fine expression to me.

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