On Safari

by claire a. williams, claire@trippingonwords.com

This week has been far from relaxing. In a post-marathon, post-fever rush, we are now headed on a veritable Kenyan safari in 6 hours with a host of our volunteers - 3 new ones who arrived luggage-less, one day late, and exhausted yesterday. In the worst travel related story since Virgin Atlantic giving second degree burns and a charming hospital stay to a volunteer last month, this time British Airways wanted to charge 540 USD for two boxes of donated books for orphans. Sadly, the books had to be abandoned in a stairway in Heathrow, and the kids here are just that much less literate.

However, in our 5 day absence we have good new to impart. Along with the unveiling of the (mostly) complete new website for Hope Runs at www.HopeRuns.org, we also are pleased to announce that the Runner's World article is out. Well, online at least.

Buy the August issue of Runner's World - on stands next week - for all the great photos taken along with the article, but for now, read the piece, see the videos of the photo shoot, see some pretty pictures that a professional person (read not claire, lara, or a small child) took of us all running out here, and see other general goodies at:


All this AND a preview of the hated portrait of Claire and Lara, in which Lara looks like she hates children, and Claire looks smug about the fact.


Nick said...

It's on the news stands now...in Hong Kong, at least! I read the article yesterday.

Congratulations on your world-wide publication!

Vanilla said...

I can't wait to get my copy of Runners World. I just read the story online and found my way here. Keep up the good work!

sarah mac said...

the hated portrait is NOT hated by sarah mac or jake. we love it and think you both look really attractive and serious about what you're doing. which usually helps people get lots of money from donors.

the piece was great too...can't wait to see what this exposure does for your programming. and, if you really are serious about doing the next project in south america. count me in. i just got news that i'll have the mad contraption off my leg by October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

the new website looks great! it makes me miss the kids a lot though. especially when i see the videos. congrats on the runners world story. beth is making sure we both have copies. also, i am so proud and excited that everybody finished the marathon! tell all the kids hi from me and the runners all congratulations! hope you are both feeling better. have fun on safari.

kim said...

congrats. You guys are awesome and look great in the photos. hope you have fully recovered by now.

Radioactive Jam said...

Those are fantastic pictures! I'm totally stuck on the three little ones stretching.

But I'll wait for the magazine to read, I think.

rochelle said...

wow. the coverage was amazing. congratulations!

Lanita said...

you two RULE MY WORLD. you two look super pretty in the pic (go ahead with that fitness!) AND I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!

wooooo go hope runs!!

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