Day 455: Help Make us a Winner

So we just learned we are in the running for Bestest Blog of the Year. We are up against 104 other blogs, and it all depends on your votes, apparently. The good part is that the last time we got an award from these Bestest Blog people we got a bunch of traffic. Since Hope Runs is working to climb out of a diminishing debt, traffic is good. In the words of Lara regarding the news that we are in the running, "Huh?" 

But even if we don't exactly know what we're in a contest for, we do know that it is Very Important, and that we just lost the Delta SiteSeer Challenge, which we'd made a video for and everything. So we want to win something. 

Voting starts TODAY (July 23rd) and will end in 2 weeks (August 6th). Winners will be announced on August 7th!

Please please vote for us here:

If you register before voting, the vote counts 3 times more than guests.

Thanks! Now I'm going to go vote for myself. 


Rae! said...

Hi there I have been trying to get an address from you guys to mail some shoes and other things to Hope Runs.I have been waiting a very long time and I hope you get this and give me an answer.That would be great!!!

Lanita said...

dude its seriously hard to vote for best blog of the year. i registered and everything so i could vote errday for you girls (and have it count thrice) but i dont know how to vote. i mean i log in and i see "vote for best blog of the year" but then DUDE it doesnt let me find yours. do i really have to flip through like 100 other blogs in order to get to yours? FIIIINE....

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