Day 457: Multiple Choice

It’s exam time around here, so things are a bit quieter than usual. Of course it’s also music recording time before the head musician leader man Paul leaves for the US so it’s also a bit louder than usual. So really, it’s a wash.  But at least the noise is more melodic than the usual screaming.


Paul and Stephanie teach at the primary and secondary schools, so they are our insight into the struggling education system these kids are part of. They do their best to change the system from within, but there’s only so much you can do when the kids think you’re a pushover since you’ve refused to beat them. Happily, there’s plenty of other teachers about willing to raise a heavy hand to their classes if they get too loud…


But as I said, it’s exam time. So things are relatively tame, and the kids come home quite early to terrorize us and show off their exam scores.


Stephanie also gets off early, but only after recording a few of the more impressive exam questions these kids have learned to answer:


Peace and prosperity in a nation come when people have:


  1. riches and food
  2. human rights
  3. land and agriculture
  4. housing


Needless to say, we white people were at a loss.


Until we met this question:


Match the community leaders with their regions:


  1. Name 1 –Mehru
  2. Name 2—Nyeri
  3. Name 3—Nyanza
  4. Name 4—Isiolo


Unfortunately, there is no way to match anything in a multiple choice question.


At least I understood when the kids came home and told me their exams were “very hard.”



Rae! said...

Those are odd questions to be asking the children???

Rae! said...

Good day to all I hope everyone is doing good!!!!How is the weather over there??

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