Day 459: Tenth Anniversary no sleep for the wicked

I should still be sleeping. Sadly, I am not.


Today is the tenth anniversary of the parish, and the kids at the orphanage are all twitterpated with excitement. This made their early morning laundry sessions particularly exuberant, which means that I woke up every fifteen minutes from six until I could no longer take it at 8.


I decided to console myself with a shower, only to find out that the monsters had used up all the water during said laundry session in which they apparently behaved like little whales. I cursed them, and went with coffee.


But at least it’s sunny this morning, which is a very welcome change. We’ve been waking up to sunny weather the last few days, but then yesterday things took a turn for the worse and it started hailing. Yes, hailing. It was a monsoon-esque downpour at first that sent the littlest kids scurrying under the tables in the dining hall where everyone had gathered. It quickly changed to hail, and since no one could talk over the noise, we began collecting the hailstones that fell into the hall and threw them at each other.


The downpour lasted a good half an hour or so, after which we went back to chapatti making. I went back to burning the bread and my fingers, while the Kenyans resumed laughing at the Americans and being grateful that we were at least willing to sing crazy American songs from the Lion King while we ruined their food.



Rae! said...

Well Happy Anniversary to the parish.
Hail,that must have been loud.We are going to pull the map and try to find your location.

Sounds like you all had fun.
What is chapatti?

christine said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lauren said...

Don't the kids have the soundtrack?

Bobby Griffin said...

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Anonymous said...

Um. The word "twitterpate" has sexual connotations.


Surely you don't mean all those kids are running around in states of sexual excitement?

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