Day 481: Technology Overload, State-side

by claire a. williams

We're home. No longer feverish with weird African bugs, and several parasite stool samples later, I'm settling in. However, in my six months of email posting I've become baffled by blogger, and the old-new features that I remember so fondly.

Where's the button to make an easy link?
Where are all my font making gadgets?
The color options?
The easy way to fix my template?

Needless to say, blogger is not my only technical difficulty upon return. My new blackberry, five days later, is still baffling. As is the new Mac computer (PC died in Africa, had to get new computer shipped out there via Lara's visiting parents). I have listened for years to Mac people talking about the joys and ease of owning a Mac. Perhaps they didn't own a lemon. It crashes twice a day. Random functions like copying and pasting stop working with wild abandon. And the Mac Genius Bar people have proved beyond idiot like. Geniuses they appear not. And mean not geniuses at that.

It is pretty, though. Like the Tumaini kids - who just today began our on-going online video diary series with Runner's World - check out the RW homepage. Here's a preview of their cute selves.

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