Day who knows? It's a mess around here...

Our apartment’s a mess, my room is a mess, the kids are a communal mess, and Claire’s health is a mess.


We leave tomorrow. It’s horrifically depressing, as the kids keep reminding us. Somehow hearing the phrase “but…but…but you’re leaving me!” from the mouth of an urphan is just so heartbreaking it’s nearly unbearable. We know we’re coming back, and we know the kids will be as in touch as is possible, but I doubt we’ll ever be such an intrinsic part of their lives again.


Things are sad around here. And messy, which is also making me sad.



christine said...

I hope you guys both have a good break at home--you both deserve it. :0) I hope Claire feels better soon as well.

Rae! said...

well I hope Claire gets well,and have a safe trip.Leaving is always hard.

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