Day 490: thank god for the blackberry

By claire a. williams,

I'm at a wedding in Northern Minnesota, for the week. Exciting. The Boundary Waters, where I am, is the only national park in the US devoted to canoeing, not backpacking. Also exciting. This afternoon I took a break from the festivities with my parents to come
into the large metropolis of Ely (population unknown) to go, yes, house
hunting. @pretending I wanted to buy a place we went to the realtor, got
listings, and did some drive bys. In the midst of this excitement my dad saw
a high school football game being played. I never went to a football game at
my own high school, but this is what my father deems a good tourist

Up next? The wolf museum, and then a rehearsal BBQ.

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sarah mac said...

this is totally random, but relates to being in day 400's (and something that i thought you ladies might like to know)...

i officially ditched my crutches on august 31st!!! exactly 444 days after becoming acquainted with them.

and because i'm weirdly compulsive about adding numbers at times, check this out:


in exactly 4 weeks from today, i celebrate my 33rd birthday. crazy weird, right?

glad to have you both back on US soil. xo

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