Day 492: It's a PC World.

by claire,

Everyone told me I should get a Mac. PCs are chopped liver in comparison; Macs will make you think that you were dead your whole PC life; You're a raging idiot for not getting one sooner. This is the type of encouraging feedback that drove me, head between my knees, to buy my first Mac. That, and the corollary fact that whenever I asked a Mac person for computer advice they would invariably throw up their hands and just say, "Gosh - can't you just a Mac already!" Because that, obviously, would fix any and all computer woes.

I was hoping to get it in 2008, but we were in Africa when my old PC broke, and it seemed the right time.

Although I like the widgets, and the Mac is small and pretty, that's the extent of what I can say positively about the Mac-owning experience. The computer - an obvious lemon that the idiot Mac Geniuses at the Mac Genius Bar refuse to look at because it has no "obvious issues" - has given me more headache than any I've owned, and certainly any new computer.

It freezes at least once a day, when the screen makes all the icons massively large and fuzzy and then they fade to death. It is slow, and putters along like me, training for my next marathon - The Nike Women's in SF in October. I curse a lot around it, except when I'm taking it out to go through security in an airport - because, as I have already said, it is small. Functionality wise, I'm keeping a log for the Mac Geniuses to try and make them trade it in.

But aside from my particular Mac, I have learned that the world of Mac ain't compatible with nothing. This became clear to me on day one, when I learned that the frequent flier mileage program software I use has no Mac version. This then happened 4 more times, on programs I had mild interest in continuing to use as I had done during my PC life.

Today, though, after weeks of encountering a nightmare of unresolved issues connecting my blackberry to my Mac, the Verizon tech numnuts announced that, prior to what they had thought at the time of purchase, it simply won't work as a modem for me. I am sad and angry, and hate this piece of technology.

It is pretty, though. And I do like widgets.


christine said...

HOpe you and Lara are well!!!

SavvySunshine said...

Wondering what this "posted by the Sumer Alvarez Foundation" thingy is...

diana said...

oddly enough, I've been thinking of getting a mac.

am in jakarta and i promise i will write soon, even though i've been an absolute turd about that. have a lot to tell you guys.

love much!

Anonymous said...

My brother JUST got a Mac - big and fancy with a big screen. Plugged it in - didn't turn on..... figured it needed time to juice up.

"do you smell something burning?" Smoke coming out of this wonder machine... it was burning up!!!!!!!!! In the USA ... no funny electricity current to blame.. maybe they aren't as good as they used to be OR maybe PC's are Much more wonderful than we give them credit for.

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