Day 500: The Emmy's

by claire a. williams

In my fifth day of a three week stay in Ohio, I am glued to the Emmy's. The reason, aside from the fact that I love television, and all things television, is that our dear friend Amalia's mother has been nominated for an Emmy for screen-writing. As a screen-writer and producer for the recent Debra Messing hit, The Starter Wife, Josann McGibbon (and amazingly, Amalia, too) is at the Emmy's to await the hopeful awarding of some Emmy's to 'The Starter Wife,' which has been nominated for no less than 8 Emmy's. Most important to those Amalia-types watching is the Emmy nomination for best screenwriting in a miniseries or movie.

I'll enlighten you all with anecdotes from Ohio - Steak and Shake for dinner how many day in a row? - later, but for now I'll try to hear the television over my grandmother screaming non-sequitors.

As George Bush just said, in a fantastic clip, "How can somebody like Osama Bin Laden possibly understand the joy of Hanukkah?" I wonder, I really do.

For a video of Amalia, showing her L.A. based screen-writerly background via her (and my) obsession for Pink is the New Blog, see below. This is old, but appropriate, and from a bachelorette party in Vegas last year:

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