Day 502: To MySpace or Not (to myspace)

When I was in fifth grade, a boy named Damon got expelled for pantsing himself in art class. The purpose of the incident was obviously entirely unclear, what was clear was that you are not allowed to be pantsing yourself in art class.

Althoug Myspace is most often thought it for its main purpose - stalking old acquaintances like Damon and seeing where they ended up - it is also used in the non-profit world to showcase your organization, and take advantage of one more chance to get the word out about what you do.

We have been hearing we should make a MySpace for Hope Runs. But, like most things it feels like one more time consuming task that just might be a total energy suck and not reap us any rewards. Lately, we've been balancing a lot of those questions - is it worth it to invest X amount of time doing Project A, or should we invest the same time in Project B? And, given that Lara and I are busy like mad with a million things to do, time is limited resource.

So, should we MySpace?


Anonymous said...

Yes! Despite all the social/entertainment "value" of the Myspace network, it really can be a useful tool in spreading the word on some really worthy causes.

Have you given any thought to having a volunteer run your myspace site? That way all you'd have to do is email him/her with content or links to what you'd like to appear on the page, and he/she could keep you posted on relevant messages, etc. A lot of organizations and entertainers have someone to do just this and save them the time and energy of the bulk of the maintenance. This person could also search through other sites for organizations/individuals who might be interested in Hope Runs and work on building your friends base. Blogs you already write here or on the Hope Runs site could be either cross-posted by the volunteer or simply linked back to from the myspace page.

I have a thought - I've been a long-time reader, and have really wanted to get involved in some way. I'd love to be able to travel and volunteer my time in person, but as that's currently not a possibility, I'd be happy to be your Myspace volunteer if you're interested.

Feel free to email me at joy_teresa at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

christine said...

YES----You'd be surprised how many very big non-profits are on myspace!!!

asruge said...

i need to set you up with dave's wife who works at email me

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