Day 506: A History Lesson on Hitler

by claire,

Although I should be studying (I'm taking the GMAT, as the precursor to getting into a scholarship-paid business school, as the precursor to studying business management for non-profits, as the precursor to getting Hope Runs some real money instead of being horridly in debt), I am watching videos instead. Videos, naturally, that Lara and I made, of the Tumaini kids in Kenya. We have mountains of footage, mostly because of the new Runner's World weekly video diary. At least, that's my excuse for watching cute kids for hours when I have things to do.

It's okay, though, because in the last 30 minutes I've emailed Lara a handful of times talking about how cute the kids are - only to hear back from her within seconds with such emails as "I am in class right now, learning about medicine. You are bothering me." It's like as if she's not really working hard, you know.

Here is a real gem, in which our friend Jonathan - who's heading back to Kenya for a month stay for Hope Runs next month - explains to Jane, 9, who Hitler is. Jane is smart, and after much confusion does clarify that he sounds like Moi - Kenya's own historic dictator. It's all very fitting, though, since the name of said Kenyan dictator is also the name of her own brother (oft referred to on this blog as The Little Dictator). Enjoy:


SavvySunshine said...

See the long version of this comment on Lara's last post. But to sum it up:

GMAT for dummies. Best thing to study with.

Good luck!

Lara said...

AHHHHH---claire, I have stayed away from the kid videos, and you're going to get me re-hooked. This is definitely one of the more informative and less cute/manic ones, but still so sweet.

Except for the tuberculosis-like coughing in the background the whole time.

claire said...

I'll look for that book, Sunshine, and I'll add it to the pile. Thanks again for your monthly contribution to Hope Runs!!!

SavvySunshine said...

Absitively on that contribution. Y'all are doing a great job and getting in major debt to "make a difference" sucks. Granted, my $25 isn't gonna help with that 'major' part of the debt...

asruge said...

the videos are back, nice

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