Day 520: Reading My Own Blog to Remember My Life

by claire,

It was the sister's birthday today, and we saw Into the Wild. Although it's one of my favorite books, the movie is a bit to akin to Castaway, replete with Tom Hanks talking to himself and all. When we came home, I had emails from my brother, Little Tony, in which he had found census records from 1930. In the Coshocton County Census records, he found the following items of note about my great-grandparents.

1. They rented their property for $25 a month.

2. They got married at 19.

3. My great grandfather listed his occupation as a "Meter Reader" for the power
company, and my great grandmother called herself a "Sales Lady."

My day ended, though, with approximately thirty emails with Lara about Hope Runs related mini-crises. We did get off on non-Hope Runs tangents, though, like when we had to figure out the total cost of our all our plane tickets on the 2006 Around the World Trip (two newlywed friends are going, and wanted to know). We looked around half-heartedly, and then I thought I remembered someone (one of us, ostensibly) writing this fact on the blog at some point.

So I came to the blog to find out information about the life I have lived, but then became dispirited when I realized I did not know the answer to the basic question: How does one search one's own blog?

P.S. In more tech-related idiocy, I just clicked on our *delicious* bookmarks to find that someone named Megan Howard bookmarked us with the following comment about us: "The account of two travellers who were wandering the globe until the stumbled on Tumaini Orphanage in Nyeri, Kenya...I ran briefly with Claire and Lara during the Safaricom Marathon in Lewa (until I walked)." Dude, I so remember running with that girl!


Rae! said...

Are you still in Miami? I have some stuff here I was getting ready to send and if you are here I can bring it to you.

Megan Howard said...

Strange...I have been away from reading any blogs for three weeks or so, and just ran across this post - I came home to my runner's world magazine after my 7 week stay in Kenya and saw yall and started reading your blog in anticipation of two things. 1. A possible return trip to Kenya and 2. I started blogging with my sixth graders this year in Atlanta...Going through 46 posts twice a week has led me away from the normal reading I enjoy doing, but I have passed the Tumaini blog on to some of them. I even think that a few have commented on the kids' writing. I'd love to figure out a way to connect these two groups of kids. Possible?

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