Day 518: Rain

by claire,

Rain in Miami tonight. Sticky, wet, humid rain that made scantily clad teenagers take cover in the pizza parlor where my sis and I had a pizza and beer special - a special we've taken advantage of the past few times I've visited her down here. Regarding life in general, though, there's nothing much to report. I'm working, from the sis' couch, I'm running, from her treadmill, and I'm eating, from her refrigerator.

"Are you ever in California?!!" Friends ask me when I am in a states for a few months at a time. "Not really," I say, as I do seem to find ways to be constantly on the move. The past month since returning from Kenya being evidence of my wandering frequent flier mile garnering life - San Francisco, Minnesota, Ohio, Miami. The next one, before I head back to Mexico for a couple month stint, will continue to include travel - San Diego, San Francisco, Oregon, Washington. And what am I doing this second? Looking up flights for New Year's.

Yes, I travel a lot, but as Lara knows I don't really do anything that differently in the places I go. I just go because I don't have a home exactly. And because I like planes.

It's an addiction, I think, but I think we've covered that.


SavvySunshine said...


SavvySunshine said...

Crap, that was supposed to be a test comment. Sorry.

Anyway, if you're ever looking for a change of pace from fridge food and pizza parlors, my friends get together every Sunday for dinner. We (my friend) have a pool a hot tub and a pool table. She has a HUGE flat panel TV that we sometimes watch. You (and your sis if she wants to come) are invited. Not sure what's on the menu this week. We had our turn last week and we're not up for a few more weeks. It's always a surprise. If you're going to be in town for an extended period, like through into Nov, that's when we cook next (Everybody likes ours the best).

We're not too weird - most of us are gay, but that just makes it interesting, though.

Anyway, point is, you're invited. We're in the Fort lauderdale area, so not a huge drive from where you are.

So, here's my number (God, can't believe I'm doing this on the net) 591-9995 (ask your sis for the area code - I do have some sanity).

Seriously, you can call and not impose.

Hopefully, I'll hear from you.

Oh, and BTW, the Las Olas Art Festival is this weekend - great free fun. You could make it into a day affair tomorrow - HINT, HINT!


sarah mac said...

there's a couch in silver lake with your name on it and a flaming margarita up the road at a little place we love to love - Compadres. just a mere 3 hour train ride from san diego.

jake and sarah mac would be honored to have you. xo

ps...i get the fixator off on november 6th in SF!!!

claire said...

You guys are WAY too nice! Savvy - it's the sis' bday, so I can't make it, but thank you a million times over for the invite. Seriously, so nice of you, and I hope to take you up on it next time I come back to town;) I'll be able to find your phone number, luckily, as it's now on the world wide web.

Sarah - the fixator is soon gone! Will this be the last vestige of gimp days?

SavvySunshine said...

Dinner was a weird mishmash of pumpkin inspired goodness.

You should definitely do that! Looking forward to it.

Hope y'all enjoyed your day yesterday.

I know and OMG on the phone number on the internet.

sarah mac said...

hell yes it is!!!

today i actually walked over to cafe tropical to get my very own cup of coffee which i can now CARRY whilst i walk and smell the roses. life is good.

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