Day 515: I am a genius

By lara,


…and not because my homework (which yes, I’m writing another post about. Because really, that’s about all I do on Monday nights apparently) is suddenly becoming easier. I’m still waiting for my chem. teacher to stop saying “but then, this part is elementary” every time I raise my hand to ask a question about said “elementary” part.


BUT…I have answered the probably more urgent issue of how to make this whole homework process less challenging for the attention-span challenged person that is myself these days.


I have begun to sing to myself. But not actually to myself, because it is LOUD. Thankfully, my parents house is in the middle of a**-nowhere, which they hate being reminded of, though it has certain perks. And they are not around so I can’t terrify them with the spontaneous and sporadic shouting. For example, inspired by the Police reunion, I have begun to shout out “ROOOOXXXXAAANNNNEEEE” at various interludes before lapsing into a personalized rap about how she doesn’t need to put on make up tonight. This is very handy when I really can’t take any more discussion of molecular orbitals. Then I got on an Ave Maria tear later this evening, when things got more dark and somber what with all the Acid-Base reactions.


When I really couldn’t take it anymore, there was the dance party to a little Rehab by Amy Winehouse. All in all, I’ve gotten a decent amount of work done, and I’m feeling strangely chipper since I’ve just finished the practice problems that preclude the problem set and it’s only 3 AM.


So it’s a successful strategy. But I have decided these things are better done at night because last time I had a similar dance party whilst getting dressed to go out when I didn’t want to, the DHL guy drove up unexpectedly early and got a bit of a show. It was all very Roxanne of me.


sarah mac said...

a) you are hilarious

b) you just managed to make me laugh out loud when today threatened to be off to a really bad start, so thank you.

NotTheMama said...

It works for scrubbing the bathroom, washing dishes, and other mundane chores too!! A few weeks ago I was standing at the kitchen sink and screaming some annoying 80's song when someone knocked on the door.... Yeah, it was my pastor!
.....(Yes, he heard me)....

diana said...

there's nothing wrong with molecular orbitals.

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