Day 523: Reunion time

By lara,


Those of you who have been reading the blog since its inception (mom) or anytime thereafter (dad) will remember a couple reunions of claire and my college friends. This weekend is yet another…San Diego baby! SO excited it’s obscene. Unlike Claire, I haven’t seen most of these people since last December when our friend got married and it has been a LONG time.


It’s going to be a good weekend. A lot of eating, a lot of lazing about, and a lot of talking. There will be some clubbing thrown in, but most importantly, I have finished my first exam, and spent the whole plane flight out so that I can spend the weekend not even thinking about work.  Yaaayyyy!!! Of course, if I keep procrastinating and writing blog posts, this might end up being a moot point.


I am also excited about the weather. Though San Diego weather is supposed to be crap for San Diego, it’s bound to be much much much better than the sleet-y rain falling on me in Boston last night.


In an only very slightly related note: what is the verb for lightning? If there is rain, it is raining. Thunder, it is thundering. Lightning? Is it lightning-ing???


Seriously. I’m baffled.



Sara E. James said...

Yes, if there is lightning going on, we say it is lightning outside.

Lauren said...

now I'm baffled. lightening our lives with lightninging action. hope you get a flash of brilliance and bolt to the computer to tell me.


S said...

Lightning is an object. To my knowledge, there is no verb form. Though, says there is ( However, there are a lot of references in other definitions that don't quite stack up, so I'd take it with a huge grain of salt.

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