Day 525: Reunion Wrap Up

by claire,

"That's garbage, though, kids. Let's not play in the garbage."

After an awesomely long weekend in San Diego, I am now at the San Diego airport, listening to the offbeat parenting tactics of those sitting nearby. Not much to report from the weekend, except that we played our trivia game - The Game. This time, Mari, the SF consultant, and I, with a team name too convoluted and complex to explain, beat the other teams out of the water. We had many great moments in our tenure as rising champions, most notably when we were able to name every single girlfriend one of our friend's older brothers has had in the past 8 years. An older brother we have met all of once.

Most depressingly were the efforts of Lara's team, The Bedazzlers, who fought tooth and nail for their four measly points.

But back to the airport, where Miley, 4 (?), the airport child, is showing me how she will balance a small pumpkin on her head (her carry-on) while still rolling on the floor. She plans to do this at Halloween, she says. "Miley," the father pleads, "Let's get off the floor. This is one of those dirty gross floors, okay?"

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