Day 531: Claire's Third Marathon

by claire,

At the Nike Women's Marathon on Sunday, there were some real highlights. The scenic beauty of it all, running along the ocean, the gorgeous - unprecedented - day in San Francisco, the Tiffany's necklaces all the finishers get. These kinds of things.

However, best of all were the signs. Just when I crossed the start line, I saw my first fantastic sign - a homeless man, with a cup for change, with several poster board placards that read "Go Ginny and Cathy!" draped unceremoniously around his neck. Later, I passed an elderly Grandma dancing with a sign that read "Go Team Lizzy Freak-i-shit!" Finally, right when I wanted to never run again, I saw a disinterested baby, asleep in a stroller, owner of the massive sign: "Go Mommy Run!"

I finished, and my parents were there to cheer, and it was great. Just one more this week (next weekend in Washington, I'm prepping my body for the Hope Runs 777 Challenge next year) and then (sheer joy) no running for several months;)


Interestingly, tonight when I put in my stats at the Nike Women's Marathon website to search through a database of 23,000 names to find my official time, something weird happened. The demographic information I gave the system didn't produce me as the result, but, rather, a girl from my freshman dorm in college. A girl with whom I had a brief bout of being friends with that didn't work out. A girl I haven't seen in 8 years. A girl, finally, who finished thirty minutes before I did.

Speedy, speedy little girl.

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