Day 537: Claire's Fourth Marathon, Hope Runs Kids' Second

by claire,

To get my body prepped for the pain of next year's Hope Runs 777 Challenge: 7 Marathons in 7 Continents in 7 Weeks, I ran another marathon this weekend in Seattle to see just how badly I felt. At the same time, the Hope Runs kids ran the Nairobi Marathon (or Half Marathon). Their coach, Titus, managed to come in 12th of 15,000 runners. Needless to say, my personal triumph in marathon running this weekend seems to be that I can walk today.

Our friend Jonathan, who just returned to Kenya to spend six months at the Tumaini Children's Home, was also on hand to cheer. Jonathan is just getting settled in again out there, and reports that, from the apartment we all used to share, and now he is alone until some of his friends show up, he experiences the ghosts of me and Lara's absence. In his words:

At least a few times today, coming indiscriminately from upstairs, and not directed at anyone at all:

Crayor is where? Rola is where?"

On repeat. I think they have been saying it so much it's turned into some kind of song.

Although hannah did walk in today and ask for you, as if you were
still here. it was sad.

And, then, more disconcertingly, he claims that: "Many of the kids took great delight in explaining how Claire (the rabbit) is pregnant."

I don't even know what to think about this.

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