Day 544: Words of Wisdom from a bear

I went upstairs for a break from my midterm studying to find that my mother is babysitting Gracie bear, the two year old niece. Grace seems sparkly and a bit unintelligent when you first meet her--not helped by her runaway white-blonde hair and the fact that her "neutral face" looks a bit dim--until you actually listen to what she says. Though she has primarily just been meow-ing since she came here, she is able to surprise...

She tends to agree with things while she's working (she was building a bridge of blocks) so it's fun to mess with her:

Q: "Gracie, does chemistry blow?"
A: Yes

Q: "Gracie, is Lara the best thing ever?"
A: Yes

Q: "Gracie, do you think America is ready for an African American or female president?"
A: (emphatic!) yes!

Which is why it her answer of "No!" was such a shock when we asked Gracie to weigh in on her grandmother's outfit:

Q: "Gracie, are looks the most important thing?"
A: No! No!

We pressed: What is the most important thing, Grace?
A: John and his dump truck.

Which, if you think about it, are certainly more important than looks in a lot of ways.

This reminded me of a few weeks ago when she told her mother, in very zen-like fashion, "Mom--BE the road."

Such episodes are the only thing staving off the orphan-missing....

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