Day 542: Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes


Of late, we've been getting a massive amount of shoes. But the best donations we've gotten have come from a Wisconsin girl scout troup. In a local article about their shoe collecting drive, the best quote by far comes from Shannan, 10, who says: "(Mrs. Geenen) had us run through wood chips, rocks and grass so we would know what it feels like to walk and run with bare feet like the kids in Kenya have to," Shannan Hartel, 10, said. "Over there, if you even have one pair of flip-flops you are considered rich." Here the girl scouts are, with all their boxes.

Now our only challenge is getting the money to ship them to Kenya.


alphawoman said...

We need to start a campaign to get Oprah to notice you all! She needs the good press.

Lara said...

what did oprah do now to need good press? And I think it's the girl scouts who deserve the press...have you ever seen so many shoes in one place???? SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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