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by claire,

Of late here in Mexico, I've been reading From Lance to Landis, which tells the unarguable story of how Lance Armstrong has managed to become one of the world's doping elite. It's sad, of course, because I love the columns his ex, Kristin Armstrong, writes for Runner's World, and I want to believe in his 'triumph over cancer to win the Tour' story. Speaking of doping books, though, my father donated a bunch of signed copies of his bestseller, Game of Shadows, which exposed dear Barry Bonds for the cheat he was. Given that Barry has now been indicted, and the holidays are coming, it should make an obviously excellent, heart-warming stocking stuffer.

If you make a 35 dollar donation to Hope Runs, we'll ship you off a signed hardback. Just write "Game of Shadows" in the notes on your online or mailed in donation.

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