Thanks to "Run Til You're Ugly" for the Hope Runs Dinner

Hope Runs would like to thank Michael Kulakowsky and the entire "Run 'Til You're Ugly Club" for hosting a fundraising dinner for Hope Runs that raised 1700 USD! Volunteers from all over have helped make Hope Runs the growing organization it is, and we thank you!

Here is the awesome video slideshow Michael made for the dinner:


sarah mac said...

what a totally fantastic idea! kudos to the 'run til you're ugly' crew and to hope runs!!!

the coolest thing about supporting fledgling charities (or those that operate on a "small" scale) rather than huge ones is that even the smallest donation, no matter what you can spare, actually goes to good use.

a lot of people i know are talking about donating this holiday season in lieu of gifts (which i think is marvelous) but they don't know that if they only send in $25, the most those huge orgs can do is sell their names to a marketing list. i know that sounds crazy, but it's true.

so we should all give to hope runs - it's such an amazing cause...xo

mmebowles said...

This truly is a wonderful cause. I went to the dinner for the run til you're ugly group and was truly moved. Not only were they doing a wonderful thing for hope runs, but the real winners were our students here at Macphail. They are learning about global awareness, and the fact that everyone can make a difference. I look forward to reading more!

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