Day 594: The Elections

Like everyone else with an investment in things Kenya, we have been glued to our hourly google alerts about the Kenyan election. Kind blog readers have sent us well-wishes, but we are actually both in the USA currently until landing Africa side in February.

The on-going tragedy that is occurring is of no small magnitude, and we are devastated with how things are developing. With volunteers coming in and out of Kenya this week, safety is of our utmost concern. Thankfully, our Hope Runs kids out in Nyeri are experiencing the peace of living in a rural area home to the "winning" tribe - the Kikuyu. To read about some of the experiences this week on the ground at Tumaini Children's Home in Kenya, check out the blog of friends Jonathan, Emilee, and Michael, who are there living full-time this year.


Amy Hunold-Van Gundy said...

Continuing to wish you all the best in your ongoing work and adventures. You are quite an inspiration!


Kenya Safari said...

The situation is continuing to improve and i must say that being here on the ground the international media is not doing a good job in reporting the reality on the ground.

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