Day 626: Antarctica Pictures

For lack of my own pictures from the continent (hard to find, hard to upload, hard to remember to do... makes me realize how lost I am photographically without Lara), I am linking to the awesome photos of someone else I met on the trip! They're far better than anything I could have taken anyway...

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max said...

Disappointment, disappointment, disappointment. I was so looking forward to seeing your awesome Antarctic pictures!!

I've loved looking through your blog these past few brought back some great memories.
Margarita's in Singapore...We used to go there frequently when we needed a taste of home (or just a taste of margarita.).

I also loved your Everest Basecamp. It's amazing how simple little things motivate you when you are trying to conquer a mountain. My favorite is singing devotional songs. You may not be able to breathe, but you can darn well belt out the never fails to make you feel better. Of course, after your story I'm ashamed to admit how proud I was of reaching the summit at the outrageous altitude of 14,300'.

Tumaini looks awesome.

Keep up the good work.


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