Day 623: Edwinius

There is no doubt that one of our absolute favorite children in the world is Edwin, the small, self-absorbed, Kenyan who regularly "loses his bones" as Lara calls it when he collapses on the floor laughing epileptically at anything mildly humorous.

This week, we had a discussion with Jonathan about issues of sharing, and how Kenyans are particularly good at sharing things. The story Jonathan told was nothing less than spectacularly adorable at showing Edwin in his best light.

The story:

Last week many of the children at Tumaini Children's Home received small packets of gum from an unnamed source. Most of the children who received the gum immediately began doling out pieces to gum-less friends. Edwin followed in suit. However, in all the excitement about the joy of giving away said newly possessed gum, Edwin forgot to keep any for himself. When he had given all his gum away, and realized that he had none left, he looked at Jonathan sadly, "What happened?"

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