Day 664: Cute, but Not Innocent

It came to my attention on this past trip to Africa that the general public may believe that the Hope Runs kids as a whole are just generally adorable and sweet. For once and for all I would like to negate this horrendous stereotype by asserting that these children are some of the most scheming little monsters in existence in their particular ability to insert themselves into your lives with their particular psychoses.

Here's a round-up of some of the worst offenders:

1. Rhoda, 9, is undoubtedly the biggest trouble maker in existence. She will always hold a special place in our hearts for her psychotic non-sequitor answers to anything we ask, and for the fact that someone apparently taught her sarcasm.

Common conversational example:

Question: "Why is it raining Rhoda?" Rhoda: "Because of my nose."
Question: "Where is your shirt Rhoda?" Rhoda: "In my nose."
Question: "How does it feel to be crazy in the head, Rhoda?" Rhoda: "Very nice, thank you."

There is no doubt that Rhoda's wily brilliance is unmatched, however. Here she is (on the left in pink) gearing up for a long (for nine-year olds) two mile race. No, she is not extremely passionate about racing long distances, but rather did so for the sole reason that she had done some calculations and determined that as long as she finished AT ALL she would receive the prize for her gender and age group. Smart little monster after our own hearts.

2. Ephantus, 11. At one point last year we thought Ephantus was sweet, and docile, and just simply pure at heart. When we shared this view with the orphanage manager, she laughed maniacally.

3. Saitoti, 8, and his BFF Douglas, 16, who manage to find ways to cuddle whenever possible in absurdly cute picture-worthy poses that surely are not actually candid. (Who could be that edible consistently, we wonder?)

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