Day 665: My African Cell Phone Hates Me

It's true. The T9 (help-you-finish-your-words) function will be the death of me.

Firstly, it thinks my name is "Blair", and so urgent texts from Africa have been signed so. This is, you might guess, not ideal in a business or personal setting.

Secondly, on my way out of the country I texted an important message to the head of one of our orphanages. Instead of "Hi You!" (it could not spell her name so I had given up), I realized after it sent that it wrote "Hi Bob!" Thus I had to call to explain I don't know anyone named Bob.

Obviously there are ways to fix this technology problem, but I feel fatigued by the time that might take to learn.

1 comment:

NotTheMama said...

Sigh... And all this time, I thought it was just me and my American cell phone!!! It's really annoying, isn't it? ;)

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