Day 730: Google Analytics is Funny

Today, some hearty web research about this very website turned up the fascinating fact that, in the last month, three entire human beings (or cats on computers) found by typing in "coral wounds" into Google.

Now, it is common in the Internet world that individuals type in all sorts of gibberish into Google and subsequently find websites that often have nothing to do with said gibberish. But my surprise in this instance comes from the fact that I strongly believe we never mentioned coral - at all - on this blog.



Gabrielle said...

It was, in fact, Diana who wrote about coral wounds on your blog (in the comments section), and even then within the context of an authoritative quote - which is why so many people are clicking on it!

diana said...

that's hysterical - i completely forgot i wrote that!

Claire said...

Wow - I forgot about all of that...Gaby and Diana the dedicated readers/commenters...LOL

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