Day 793: Lara Who?

As everyone knows via claire who has to listen to my complaining, it's been a totally crazy spring/summer and usually not in a good way, though things are looking up this past week. A round of horrific midterms caught me up in my classes, I applied to med school, claire and I have been have a few peaks with the non-profit and other ventures, and the whole world seems to be continuing on just as it should; though I've been so overwhelmed my head has been mostly in the sand pretending it's not all going on. Claire has been a TOTAL champ and hats off to her for tolerating me as a whiny friend and also as an overwhelmed business partner. Huge thanks, clarita.

One of the least of my duties is our photos, and now that I have a sec to catch my breath, I'm back on it.

so here's a round up of some favorite Africa pics from our last trip:

Enjoy! We certainly did.

1. In which Edwin continues to be a crazy man

2. Saitote
3. Two of our amazing volunteers--Molly and Alicia
4. Grantwriter Holly and not-so-little-anymore Jane
5. Maryanne
6. Tori-consulting savior
7. Hezekia--head of Tanzania project

8. Simon

9. The water problem when we first arrived at Shamba site, Tanzania--no more buckets these days though10. Soccer in Tanzania

11. And of course me with Rhoda and Simba....

12. ...and Claire (and Edwin)


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