Day What ?: I'm Too Tired to Care

Today, mostly all we did was work, sitting around our Kathmandu hotel where they hate us because we have been here on and off for a month with the beautiful pool thinking about going in but not having time. Breakfast was fun though, because there was a small French boy who wanted only hot chocolate and French Fries, and we joined him. He was 4, we think.

Then we went to the laundry place, where we confirmed that they did *not* steal Claire's Seven (brand) jeans, but in fact had simply misplaced them for two days because all the other laundry (Lara's arm sweatband included) had had little pieces of red string sewn through it for id purposes (what we don't know) and since the jeans didn't have the red strings they (obviously - no red string! what fools!) got lost.

Then we wandered the streets and bought masks because they looked cool and ran into the only people we know in Kathmandu, who are the only people we know in Nepal, and are the people we met off-season trekking way up in the mountains, where we took part in a little movable spontaneous family of derelicts for a few weeks. And so of course we ran into them all. It turns out they were all stuck in this tiny town up in Everest area for three days, because our plane was the last to get out. So we missed the party.

Here they are:
-James, the Brit who looks like Little Tony and who wants to climb Everest but is briefly selling his soul to the world of banking, London style (his words) first
-The Dutch woman who did climb Everest and is now off to some other peak in Tibettish areas
-Charlie the retired American Airline mechanic who flies internationally for twenty dollars and makes people like Claire and Lara mad
-Critter, the NY/Philly based doc who, after 24 days non-stop with his guide, is getting a visa for Krishna, who is crazy, to come to New York to be overwhelmed by the buildings
- Sambar, who wrote us: "We got stocked!" in regards to the being stuckness without plane flights
-Oliver, the German with nice hands who we last saw hiking on a highway like thing away from the airport, mesh bags and things in tow

After running into most of these people in spontaneous manners, we then went out to a meeting-cum-dinner event (everything is cum something here) taking notes about both the orphanage of the bar manager and his upcoming CD, which apparently we will be promoting. So, yeah.

Now we're back, packing, supposedly, because we have an early morning flight to Bangkok. In Bangkok, we then take a 12 hour bus to Phuket, where we take a 5 hour bus to the island we are staying at. The place we are going is nice, but the best part is that Lara and I will have separate rooms, we just found out, which will be like a little gift from the God of alone time.

I'm sorry this post was blah, but, you know, you win some, you lose some. Scroll down and vote for our bridesmaid dresses instead.


Sarah N said...

Glad your back and recovering well from Everest. Are you going to the place from The Beach? (That weird Leo Di Caprio movie) Have fun and safe travels! PS- New layout is great, but the continuous penguin video clip makes is quite hard to make it look like I'm on a serious, work-related site while at work.

Jacob Mathai said...

Your travels sound fascinating. Enjoy!

Deepa said...

Hi.. i just chanced upon u r blog.
Its a neat template u are using.
can you please give me the name / link.I would like to use it myself
Thnk you

Sunshine said...

Look at that! Now everyone is interested in the template.

San Soucri said...

Your blog is great, can we switch lives?

I would love to travel the world and write about the experience.

bbop said...

A 5 hour bus ride to an island--now there's a concept. Lana-thank you for designing and wearing your wife beater to class!!

Deepa said...

hi.. its me again
yes i really like this template
if its ok with u guys pls do give me the link..
if let me know.. i iwll not bug u any further
thank you

Anonymous said...

Clint said...

Very interesting. Nice blog.

Claire and Lara said...


go to has the credits listed!

we do too, but hers are easier to see...

Claire and Lara said...

Lana: We love your new profile and do not think such fan club thigns go unnoticed. Is the pic from Barcelona with us?

Gender: female
Location: San Diego : CA
About Me
in this photo, lara and claire are making a lana sandwich. i love them. aren't they pretty?

tripping on things
Favorite Music
music that makes me say "ahh shit!" or "mm mm mmm..."

Favorite Books
all roads lead to Einbahn

Claire and Lara said...

but doesn't the penguin make you smile?

Deepa said...

Hi claire and Lara
thnks for the links

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