Day 1066: It's dark, oh so dark...

When I came to England to start this old MBA degree for Hope Runs they forgot to tell me about the weather.

I mean, sure, I knew.

"England is cold," people said.

"In England I remember stepping off the curb into puddles of ice cold water in the winter," my father said.

"You need to dress with long underwear - like you're camping," my mother said.

Since both my parents studied here, they seemed to have lots of opinions.

Case in point: it's cold. More than that, though, I seem to be having a problem with the entire lack of sun and just general lightness flowing onto this here British earth. When I awake at 7:45, it's darkish. When I am still sitting in class at 3:45 pm, it's already getting darkish.  And, as you might imagine, its also quite dark during the night. Point being - I miss light. Here's some (with a little Edwin included):


Rob Fulton said...

London sounds a lot like rochester this time of year. A light box is the solution! As lame as it sounds I gave in and got one this year and it's revolutionized my life. I have an application in to become a spokes person.

Over The Top Aprons said...

Clair, I don't think I ever wrote back and thanked you for visiting my blog and your commenting on the award. So, I want to thank you now. You have a marvelous, informative blog!

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