Day 270: What Domain am I In?

We heard today that an author we like, Jill Kargman, who has given us great writerly advice about in the past, wrote a chapter in a new book entitled: It's a Wonderful Lie: 26 Truths About Life in Your Twenties.

It’s apparently hysterical. The chapter, that is, but we haven’t found it yet. Mostly because we don’t know what book it’s in, and only know it exists at all because Jill’s sister-in-law Bess, who goes to Columbia journalism school and met Lance Williams’s lawyer Eve Burton when Eve came and talked to the J school last month about Lance and Mark’s case, told us so.

But back to where this started. The Chapter. Although Lara and I do not know what the 26 particular lies that Jill Kargman thinks twenty-somethings tell themselves are, we can guess. There have got to be a good dozen or so about telling ourselves we’re There, when we’re really not There at all, and really still sleep on futons we bought from our freshmen year RAs and have our mothers do our taxes. Although once upon a time we probably all thought we’d be There by 25, I have now officially decided that I’m holding out for 30.

This lack of Thereness hit me in the face today when I tried to buy a domain name for TrippingOnWords. In sum, we have been operating for 9 months with a “dot.blogspot” in our web address, as you are all well familiar with. This, apparently, is passé. What is not passé, though, is to buy your actual domain.

So I tried that, only to find that obviously I was three days late. Three days ago, someone bought and turned it into some sort of family journal site with pictures of oceans. So that made me upset, but then embarrassed, because I could have thought of this in April, when we started this blog. Moving on, though, I started to get creative to get over my depression about the name being taken. After establishing for curiosity’s sake that was also taken by a cheerful looking realtor, I began to wonder if the problem was not the clever naming, but rather the domain to which said clever name is assigned. And then I found the following all available:

These are the kinds of options that we readily do have. And, perhaps, they are more appropriate. As are Lara and I really dot coms, anyway? Maybe a .net is more fitting, or even a .uk, or .weirdcountryabbreviation.

This whole post is one big metaphor, by the way. About domains, and what domain we are in, and twenty-somethings. I didn’t really have time to pull it all together, though. So just imagine.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel too bad . . . . a little whois reveals they actually had since August ...

Created on: 25-Aug-06
Expires on: 25-Aug-07
Last Updated on: 25-Aug-06 is open . . .

lara said...

Benni is a Star.

SavvySunshine said...

OMG LMAO @ the brilliance of and that C&L (and me) didn't think about it.


Anonymous said...

So, After further consideration I have another suggestion:

Thoughts? I think it has a certain ring to it . . .

It's also availble.


Lynne said...


Never say I hate to help. :)

I own it and am not so attached to it that I would't part with it. Leave your email through a comment on my blog at and we can arrange the transfer. No profit expected, just pay out remaining subscription for the blog and the .com til August and it's yours.


trippingonwords said...

Lynne...I keep trying to comment on your blog but there are bizarre errors. Now the site isn't showing up....if you get this, our email is

we are, in anticipation, eternally grateful...

Lynne said...

n/p..sorry about disappearing into the vapor, but I did check back to see if you left a response here. :)

Check your gmail account and get back to me.


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