Day 588: Hope Runs Holiday Newsletter

For our Hope Runs holiday newsletter (sign up!), we had to dig out the "promo shots" that Lara's father took of us earlier this year. These were those dreaded pictures that we hated taking, hated posing for, and yet knew we had to do to in order to stick on grant proposals and other such professional things. Here is a montage of some of the best and worst. Guess which one we went with?

1. In which we are mean, half asleep, and hate children (reminiscent of Lara's Runner's World debut).

2. In which we look like poorly dressed pre-school teachers on uppers.

3. In which we tone down the cheese, and still fail to find the right mix of perky, intelligent, and non child hating.

4. In which we almost win, but Lara may or may not be looking potentially inappropriately sultry.

5. In which we look "sincere", and at which point we stop looking at photos and send off the newsletter.


Anonymous said...

He didn't make a good job of the photos and you look like delinquents , pity .

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