Day 658: The Rabbit Proposal

Lara and I may have mentioned some of the social entrepreneur projects taking place out in Kenya by our kids. Here is a report I received today of a project Hope Runs has funded in the past, which is growing considerably. One of the reasons for the project, as its directors explained to me, and yet did not include in the proposal below, was that "wazungu (white people) love bunnies." The program is spearheaded by several absurd, adorable, high school boys. Typos are not mine.

Rabbits Project Report

Aim of Keeping this Project:

We had three main of keeping the rabbits:

1. To make money on them and make profit on them.
2. To make Little Children busy and self reliant and keeping them from idleness
3. For funny and site seeing.

How Many Rabbits Do We Have?

At first we started our project with 3 rabbit and within few months they had produced a lot. They had produce up to 25 rabbits.

How many rabbits do you have now?

At now we have 17 rabbits. This is because some have died recently. Its not becuase of any outbreak of disease but is because of type of feed we are giving them. We are giving them one type of food because their is draught.

Do you have limitations?

At this time we have a problem of feds that we are giving reason we do not have funds at first to buy for them feeds. Another limitat, due to their increase in number, we want to add another house (hutch) and we need funds for this.

The primary student distrubs our rabbit a lot when they are out of break time - they beat them and even lead them to death. So we ned padlock to lock them to keep away those intruders.

When shall you start selling them?

When we have a total number of 30 and above we are going to start selling them since they have a market in our society.

Will you be able to make a profit?

Yes! Actally at the month of June and above we will be able to make profits since we will be having a good number of rabbits.


March: 1 sheet wood - 450 Kenyan Shillings (KSH) = 8 USD
2 KG nail - 160 KSH = 2.3 USD
paying worker - 500 KSH = 8.8 USD
wire mesh - 450 KSH = 8 USD
padlocks - 700 KSH = 11 USD

April: Feeds - 500 KSH = 8.8 USD
May: Feeds - 500 KSH = 8.8 USD
June: Feeds - 500 KSH = 8.8 USD

Total = 3, 760 KSH only! (= 62 USD)

Since we receive rainfall at June July we will manage to cut their feed at that time. Thanks for making us self reliant, for making us men from boys, we will never forget you. We love you. Our love should not be compared with anything from this beautiful earth. Thanks.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Beth for immediately funding this project! The post was only up one day when you responded!

Claire said...

Rabbit project going well - thanks for the help with the funding.

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